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Blank Pellet Labels — 3 pack (Handwrite Pellet Flavors Of Your Choice)


Custom pellet flavor labels for Flavor Dial. Need more pellet flavor labels to keep track of more pellets? Each Flavor Dial comes with a generic label with 6 pellet flavors on it (Apple, Blend, Hickory, Maple, Mesquite, Signature.) For those wanting some extra blank labels to handwrite and customize those random or “one-off” pellets being used this is a good option. These blank labels have 6 labels per strip and it comes with 3 (totaling 18 different pellet flavor spots) allowing you to hand write the pellets of your choice. A pencil can be used for those wanting multiple uses out of one blank label. All of the meat icons are at the bottom allowing you to circle which meats apply as good choices for the pellet flavor choice.

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Flavor Dial is America’s favorite pellet smoker accessory. No more wondering what pellets are in your hopper. Our dial magnetically attaches right to your smoker, and has a customizable label with different pellet flavors of your choice. Flavor Dial helps keep track of your pellets, so that you don’t have to! You never have to go through the pain of trying to remember what pellets were left in your hopper again. Don’t end up with another random bag of unknown pellet flavors for your garage…Get your Flavor Dial today!

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